A top-quality product and excellent service for its airline customers is guaranteed by Kuwait Aviation Fuelling Company (KAFCO), sole supplier of jet fuel at Kuwait International Airport. Rated one of the best refueling stops in the region, KAFCO's operation at KIA has earned a reputation that is second-tonone.

The company delivers more than 487 million liters of Jet A-1 annually, as it services around 40 commercial carriers serving KIA as well as executive jet operators and the military. Excellent service and equipment is backed up by stringent safety standards and well- rained staff. Fuel quality and specification is continually monitored.

while the company's in- house operating, quality control, maintenance and safety procedures already conform with IATA standard and often exceed international standards. Strong emphasis is placed on record keeping and documentation, with independent audits carried out by both airline customers and recognised industry accreditors. KAFCO was awarded ISO 9001-2000 Certification on 10 October 2002. Always innovative, KAFCO continues to invest in its KIA facilities.

During 2002 the company installed state-of-the-art isolation valves on all its supply pumps enabling repairs to be carried out without having to shut down the entire hydrant system.

This enhances safety and maintains service to customers at other points on the network.With the DGCA's blueprint for a second passenger terminal steadily advancing, KAFCO is already planning for its move to a new airport site, which has been set aside for its operations.