Ground Handling

Speed and efficiency are hallmarks of the ground operation, its professional teams armed with modern equipment capable of turning round narrow body jets in just an hour and a fully laden wide body in under two.

Efficient airside operations - on-time performance at KIA averages an impressive 95% are enhanced by modern ground service equipment.

Although the new-generation A380 is unlikely to make an appearance at KIA in the first wave, the airport's new air bridges are capable of handling the twin-deck super jumbo. The A380 has been designed to be compatible with most existing ground service equipment, with service points and locations similar to those of existing aircraft and sill heights comparable to a B747.

The new baggage reconciliation system has helped to cut down on human error causing baggage to go astray, the system flagging up a warning when a bar-coded bag is directed to the wrong flight.

The system also has major implications for security, ensuring that checked baggage does not fly unaccompanied. It has also helped KAC's ground handling division to further improve its record for lost baggage, now ranked well under half the industry average. Arriving passengers are equally well catered for, the efficient operation ensuring that the first bags will be on the carousel just 10 minutes after the aircraft is on the stand.

Expansion of the arrivals hall, made possible by the opening of the new Commercial Centre in June 2002, has helped to speed passenger flows during busy periods, with a larger central plaza and additional space for Customs desks. Peak time overcrowding at baggage reclaim is also being addressed, the DGCA planning for extensions to the current carousels.

Under the resolution issued by the Government of the State of Kuwait on 12 March 2000, The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has authorised to a second handling agent National Aviation Services (NAS) to provide full ground handling services for passengers and cargo operations at Kuwait international Airport.