Duty Free

KASCO operates a stringent quality assurance programme, ensuring every aspect of its operation meets the highest international standards. The catering complex has HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification and hygiene levels are maintained through continual checks on equipment and working areas.Raw ingredients and cooked meals are tested regularly at KASCO's own bacteriological laboratory to ensure they are free from contamination.

KASCO also ensures top quality meals are produced by working closely with its raw material suppliers who provide fresh daily deliveries of fruit, vegetables and dairy produce. Capable of producing up to 20,000 meals every 24 hours at full capacity, KASCO generally supplies between 8,000 and 9,000 meals a day to its 18 customer airlines serving KIA.

The proximity of the flight kitchen to the apron means that meals can be delivered direct to the aircraft door in just five minutes using KASCO's dedicated fleet of catering high-loaders, enabling the company to easily cater for any last minute passenger increases.

Always striving to maintain or, where possible, improve standards, KASCO is already planning further investments including the construction of a new 5,000 sq m satellite facility on an off airport site.

The move will increase storage space and enable KASCO to move some parts of the existing operation food and equipment stores together with some preparatory kitchen work, for example out of the main complex. Further diversification is forecast and KASCO is actively seeking out new domestic and international markets for its catering and logistics expertise.

Potential customers or joint venture partners could include exhibition venues, ground transportation providers, flight caterers and hospitals.