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Kuwait Receives the Presidency of the Arab Civil Aviation Commission

 Kuwait Receives the Presidency   of the Arab Civil Aviation Commission

H.E. President of Directorate General of Civil Aviation in the State of Kuwait - Sheikh Salman Al-Homoud Al-Sabah said today Wednesday that Kuwait’s assumption of presidency of the Arab Civil Aviation Commission is in the interest of the joint Arab collaboration in the field of air-transport and aviation. In a statement before the General Conference of the Arab Civil Aviation Commission in its 24th Session, Sheikh Salman Al-Homoud emphasized on Kuwait keenness on the collaboration of the member States and promoting the civil aviation system in the Arabian region in order to cope up with the developments and face the challenges posed by the continuous growth of Arabian air-traffic in the world. He called for collective efforts to improve the Arab civil aviation sector, due to its extreme importance to the economic and social development of the member States and the whole region. He added that the constructive collaboration among the member States in this domain will be welcomed by their governments and people. and will highlight the importance of the Arabian region which is situated at the crossroad of the world. Sheikh Salman Al-Homoud pointed out that the joint collaboration between the aviation authorities in the Arab States is of utmost importance to enhancing the exchange of technical expertise which in turn will promote the overall work performance of the Arab aviation authorities. Kuwait is participating in the meetings of the commission with a delegation headed by sheikh Salman Al-Homoud, and membership of the Deputy Director General for Aviation Safety & Air-Transport Mr./ Emad Al-Jalawi, the official spokesman of the Civil Aviation Authority Mr./ Saad Al-Otaibi, and the Controller of air-Transport for International Agreements Mr./ Abdullah Al-Rajehi. The meetings of the General Conference and Executive Council of the Arab Civil Aviation Commission Authority will discuss several files on air-transport, navigation, air-safety and flight security, as well as the policies of self-financing, and the work plans and programs of the Commission for the years 2019 and 2020.