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Civil Aviation Receives the Certificate of “ICAO’s Chairman” in Recognition of its Compliance with Air-Safety Rules

Directorate General of Civil Aviation announced, today (Wednesday), that it has received the certificate of the Chairman of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in recognition of its increasing compliance with the Organization’s rules. The Civil Aviation said, in a statement, that (ICAO) Organization has conferred on it the Chairman’s Certificate yesterday, during the inauguration of its 13th Air-Navigation Conference in the presence of 158 countries, in recognition of the large progress made by State of Kuwait during year 2017 in the field of air-traffic safety control. The Civil Aviation explained that the award of this certificate came as a result of Kuwait achievement of high percentage of effective compliance with the standard rules and recommendations issued by the Organization in its Nineteen (19) Appendices during the audit it carried out last November. The Chairman of (ICAO) Organization - Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu presented this honorary certificate at the headquarters of the Organization in Montreal - Canada, to the Director-General of Civil Aviation Eng. Yousef Al-Fouzan. The Civil Aviation affirmed that the qualifying criteria used in this award were objective and reliant on the results of activities carried out within the framework of the Universal Air-Traffic Safety Control Audit Program, in accordance with the ongoing monitoring approach. The Civil Aviation indicated that the Council of (ICAO) Organization had introduced the certificates of (ICAO’s Chairman) in year 2016 with the aim to highlight the important achievements made by the States in the effective implementation of the International Standard Rules and Recommendations issued by the Organization in the field of civil aviation, and encourage such States to progress further in this direction. Kuwait participated in the 13th Air-Navigation Conference, which started yesterday (Tuesday), with a delegation headed by the Director-General of Civil Aviation Eng. Yousef Al-Fouzan. The delegation of Kuwait Civil Aviation also included the Director of Air-Safety Department - Eng. Shaheen Al-Ghanim, the Director of Air-Navigation Department - Eng. Emad Al-Sanousi, the Director of Meteorology Department – Mr. Adel Bouresli, and the Head of the Office of the Director-General - Mr. Mansour Al-Hashemi.