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Restoring Operation of All Gates at Passengers Terminal (T4)

Restoring Operation of All Gates  at Passengers Terminal (T4)

Director-General of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation – Eng. Yousef Al-Fouzan announced restoring the operation of all gates at the new Passengers’ Terminal (T4) including the bridges, after extracting the rainwater from the aircraft pathways leading to the terminal’s gates. In a press statement on Friday, Eng. Al-Fouzan said that the water was extracted from the aircraft pathways and immediately repaved them within record time, noting that the passengers’ terminal was functioning using the ground gates during the past period. Eng. Al-Fouzan praised the efforts of all Civil Aviation staff, particularly those in the Projects & Construction Management Sector, Air-Navigation Department, Engineering Department, and Operations Department, for their major role in restoring all the pathways leading to the gates, in a professional manner.