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Civil Aviation Commends Government Efforts

Civil Aviation Commends Government Efforts Directorate General of Civil Aviation announced the reopening of all runways at Kuwait International Airport which were closed due to heavy rainfall and bad weather conditions the country went through. In a press release, the civil aviation stated that the emergency plan wich has been implemented was highly successful in maintaining continuity of air-traffic, indicating that cessation of traffic for several hours was a precautionary measure due to density of the cumulus clouds and to ensure safety of aircraft.Civil Aviation added that air-traffic was restored to its normal condition after less than 12 hours. In its announcement, DGCA praised the support of the Council of Ministers Headed by of His Highness Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah and the concerned ministers, as well as the follow up and support of the Minister of State for Housing Affairs & Minister of State for Public Services Affairs - Dr. Jenan Boushehri, whose their support had a significant role in overcoming all obstacles during implementing the emergency plan at Kuwait International Airport over the past few days. The announcement also stated that the efforts of the governmental bodies (Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Health, National Guard, Fire Service Directorate, General Department of Civil Defense, Public Authority for Roads, Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Company and Kuwait Aviation Fueling Company) had an immense impact on assisting and supporting the Directorate General of Civil Aviation with respect to dealing expeditiously with such abnormal circumstances