Departure procedures from the state of Kuwait

Departure from the state of Kuwait

Citizens :-

No travel permitted out from the state of Kuwait except for citizens who are vaccinated with one of the approved vaccines by the state of Kuwait as mentioned below and appearance of green color in (immune/Kuwait mobile ID) application with the exception of the following categories:

a. Age categories not subject to be vaccinated.

b. Kuwaiti citizens holding approved certificate issued from the ministry of health proofing their inability to be vaccinated due to health reasons.

c. Pregnant should hold a certificate to proof their pregnancy issued and approved by the ministry of health.

d. Ensure that Kuwaitis must hold health insurance during their stay outside the country which covers the treatment of infections with Corona virus.

Vaccines approved in the state of Kuwait and number of doses required for immunization to show the green color in (immune/Kuwait mobile ID) Application:

  • Pfizer BioNTech vaccine / Comirnaty / COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine (Nucleoside-Modified)-0.3ml / Tozinameran(BNT162b2) (two doses).
  • AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine AZD1222 (chAdOx1) / VAXZEVRIA / COVISHIELD / R-COVI / COVID-19 Vaccine (two doses).
  • Moderna vaccine / Spikevax / mRNA-1273 / TAK-919 (two doses).
  • Johnson & Johnson vaccine / Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine / Ad26.COV2 / NJ-78436735 / Ad26COVS1 / VAC31518 (one dose).


No.Date Circulation No. Download
724/08/2021No. (2021/32) Download
624/08/2021No. (2021/31) Download
531/07/2021No. (2021/30) Download
427/07/2021No. (2021/29) Download
321/05/2021No. (2021/28) Download
221/05/2021No. (2021/27) Download
116/05/2021No. (2021/26) Download