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"Civil Aviation" Announces the Start of Preparations for the Launch of "Emerging Airports Conference and Exhibition (EACE) – Kuwait 2015"

Al-Fawzan: this event derives its importance from the fact that there are existing airports projects worth $ 50 billion

The General Manager of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Engineer Yousef Sulaiman Al-Fawzan, announced the commencement of preparations for the launch of Emerging Airports Conference and the accompanying exhibition (EACE) – Kuwait 2015 in its fifth session, under the auspices of Minister of Communication and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Issa Al-Kandari, which will be held on October 20 to 21 at Regency Hotel in Kuwait, organized and managed by ExpoTag for Organizing Exhibitions and Conferences Co. from Kuwait .

On this occasion, Al-Fawzan said in a press release that the conference and the accompanying exhibition shall include more than 60 leading international company from 22 countries; adding that they will display their latest technologies, innovations, and products in front of over 1500 individuals and over 25 regional aviation authorities.

Al-Fawzan expressed his appreciation for all the sincere efforts supporting this prestigious event which shall greatly contribute to and enhance the Kuwaiti economy, pointing out that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, with the effort of the Chairman Fawaz Abd elaziz Al-Farah and all the departments, support this event and affirm their keenness to its success.

Al-Fawzan emphasized the importance of such events in addressing the expansions planned by Kuwait International Airport and Kuwait Airlines to strengthen its fleet in terms of the demand for aircrafts, estimated at $ 6 billion.

He also stated that the fifth annual session of this event gains its importance from the existence of airport projects worth $ 50 billion in Kuwait, KSA, Bahrain, Iraq, UAE, and other airports in the Middle East, Africa, and the Indian sub-continent.

Al-Fawzan explained that the EACE 2015 will offer presentations on the modernization of airports through increase of capacity of passengers, cargo and cargo handling; in addition, it will set up the Kuwait International Airport development project as a standard in the region by discussing the latest challenges and the expansion works.

Moreover, the conference will discuss the coordination in the airspace in the region through partnership and cooperation between the parties concerned with aviation, plus the coping with the growing demand for aviation in the Kingdom of Bahrain and considering the Bahrain International Airport as an emerging international corridor, and meeting the expectations of airline companies.

In addition, Al-Fawzan said the conference shall also discuss the possibility of moving luggage from one point to another at the same speed on passengers travel; as well as the central passenger terminal project at Abu Dhabi Airport Company. The conference will also present the master plan for "Abuja Aertroboles" where it will discuss the construction,operation,and BOT opportunities, and the public and private sector partnership (PPP).

He pointed out that the exhibition will provide presentations on the increase of revenues generation operations in airports, and the development of successful retail sale facilities at airports, and cargo handling through attracting the best airlines and increase yield.

Furthermore, the conference take an overview on the main outline of the new Khartoum International Airport, and will address the plan to expand the existing airports in India and the creation of 200 new airports in India in order to meet the growing demand.

Al-Fawzan said the conference will shed the light on the air traffic management system in the Middle East in terms of showing current and future opportunities.

Adding that the massive airport projects in Turkey and providing world-class services to tourism market in developing countries, as well as a summary of existing and future projects in Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and other participating airports will be addressed.