Customs staff at the Kuwait International Airport of up to about 400 individuals dealing with passenger and cargo.

Dealing with the General Administration of Customs to maintain Kuwait free of the risk of international smuggling operations. It is the oldest government department in Kuwait. Was created in 1899 during the reign of the late Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah (Mubarak al-Kabir). And over the years evolved into the customs administration of its original role as a device for the collection of customs duties on the body to become a great degree of sophistication to fight crime are working around the clock, seven days a year. And management Liaison similar all over the world which ensures that it has a familiar enough with the latest security threats and methods of smuggling. The staff involved in the administration actively in international conferences to combat drugs, making them aware of the latest procedures and adherence to treaties and resolutions signed by the Government of Kuwait. Customs and dedicated staff to work at Kuwait International Airport, and of up to approximately 400 individuals divided into two parts: the first: to deal with passengers and the second: to deal with shipping.

The administration has achieved notable successes in recent years in the detection of smuggling operations. Always exists customs officers at the head of their work in the arrival hall to monitor incoming flights gunmen expertise and modern X-ray technology and skill to detect smugglers. In the area of air cargo, shipping management played a key role in the war against drugs and the cargo of export and import.

To ensure that you do not disable the stringent security measures for shipments sound unnecessarily so, management has to apply the system to provide a list of shipping in collaboration with a number of airlines selected before the arrival of the goods shipped.

This system can recognize the customs administration on the type of cargo and to make sure that during the existence of the plane in the air. The staff can then follow the customs administration examination of shipped goods if there were doubts about them or allowed to pass without delay if you were not pose any threat.

General Administration of Customs

With the ratio may reach 85% of those annoying calls. Receive all security personnel specialized training on a regular basis as Dourealltakiam undergoing psychological and professional.

Protect the aircraft in spite of global interest Majarabashon alertness to the actual value for the protection of aircraft, shows that officers are qualified to do their part of the security in the field of aviation u1575 civil working in Kuwait for more than two decades, since the abduction of a plane belonging to Kuwait Airways in the seventies, he began to individuals to protect aircraft traveling discretely from Kuwait International Airport to all aircraft Kuwait Airways only.

Belongs individuals to protect aircraft experienced high in the fight against terrorism to protect aircraft management subsidiary of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior. Another project will be attended by security management is the creation of a new passenger terminal. The site will be isolated Tmamatina construction process for airport operations and will enter the regular workers and contractors, automotive construction site by one of the main gates, making the security process much easier.

Has resulted in an ongoing dialogue with the General Administration of Civil Aviation in the design of the new building includes the latest technology and security technology. For example, Vdilan checkpoints at every gate, will include Terminal 2 checkpoints central flow which facilitates the movement of passengers and their comfort.