Passenger Luggage

Shuttle passengers' luggage

Service prices:

  1. Be the collection of fare and baggage through receipts cash offer to the beneficiaries of the service transfer luggage with the worker, and the method of payment after loading the luggage beneficiary of the service (the main road to any barrier baggage in areas weight of luggage or lounge customs to parking) during the Counter collection.
  2. Contractor earns from each passenger load and transport fare and baggage collection is through websites dedicated to the sale receipts collection for this service to be as follows :
    1. (1) dinars, and only one for transport vehicles oversized luggage up to a maximum of eight parts per vehicle.
    2. for the right to use a passenger vehicle without working for free.
    3. for departures lounge starts calculating the service from the main road to any point within the areas of weight and the amount of luggage (500 fils only) five hundred fils only. W - for the customs hall starts calculating the service of the Customs Hall to parking in the amount (500 fils only) five hundred fils only.