General Instruction

  • Make sure your application for all government requirements related to travel to countries that wish to visit.
  • Make sure you have a valid visa that allows you to enter the country that you choose to visit.
  • If you arrive at the hotel agreed upon by the Office of Travel and Tourism and notified by the hotel management that there was no book to have in your name, it should get to that effect in writing from the management of the hotel with a seal by the hotel., To review the office that conducted the you booking, or to enhance prompted the competent authorities.
  • Make sure you keep all documents related to the trip (receipt + contract + tickets) to ensure that all of your rights. The large number of applicants and recipients for travelers that will lead to congestion in the halls of the airport and therefore confuse the hardware involved.
  • If you encounter any problem when you travel in the Kuwait International Airport, please feel free to review the observer alternate airport Directorate General of Civil Aviation to take the necessary action.
  • Airport interface in a civilized country, so the preservation of civilized behavior of airport facilities and national duty stand regularly for check-in helps you accomplished as soon as possible.
  • use of luggage carts in a manner that ensures preservation.
  • Make sure you stand in front of the barrier weight allotted for the trip, which will travel on them.
  • When you see strange things or bags unattended in the annex to the airport be sure to Report by the security men.